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For patients throughout the Austin area, Dr. Castor offers effective, safe treatments to replace missing teeth such as dental implants. To help ensure the enduring quality of the individual’s teeth Dr. Castor also provides implant restoration services.

Implant Restoration Q & A

What are Implants Used for? 

When a tooth has been knocked out, has fallen out, or has need to be extracted, the dentist will use a dental implant as a prosthetic replacement. These patient’s jawbones hold the replacement in place just as it would a natural tooth. Dental implants are secured by using a titanium post which is implanted into the bone in the location of the missing tooth. They are designed to look natural and to withstand the pressures put on the original tooth. As an added benefit, the implants are installed to the bone which helps to maintain the jaw’s shape and density by stimulating the jawbone. This also helps to keep the soft tissues of the face in place.

How Are Dental Implants Placed? 

Dental implant placements usually require three trips to the dentist. First, the titanium post is set into the jawbone where it is essentially screwed into place. The implant is then given time to fuse with the surrounding bone tissue. This provides a strong foundation and readies it to accept a prosthetic tooth. This will require a few weeks. During the following visit, the artificial tooth is requested. An impression of the gap will be made and used to fabricated the replacement tooth, usually a crown. The abutment for the implant is also connected to the implant post during this visit. The abutment will attach the artificial tooth to the dental implant post. At the final visit, the prosthetic tooth is attached using the abutment and then it is buffed until smooth.

How Safe Are Dental Implants?

Dentists have been utilizing dental implants to restore missing teeth for over 30 years. The key to their stability and strength lies in the titanium which is used to fabricate the post. The human body readily accepts and securely fuses with titanium, making it an exceptionally biocompatible metal. This osseointegration creates the stable foundation and has given these dental devices the reputation of most stable replacement for missing or lost teeth.

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    "Dr.Castor and staff have been incredible in taking care of me. I would recommend him to all my friends and family."

    Vic G.
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    "I gotta say I love Dr. Castor, his whole office, and the brave work they do on people like mine's neglected teeth."

    Bradly S.
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    "Mark is one of the best of the best I have found in Texas, and I would recommend my friends and family to him."

    Ted G.
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    "This was my first visit with Dr Castor and it went very well. Laurie was an experienced tech and went ahead with images & a cleaning...I highly recommend them..."

    Matt G.
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    "Dr. Castor and Sylvia, his assistant, make a great team. I trust them to take care of me. I have known Dr. Castor for many years. He is an excellent dentist..."

    Amy C.
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    "Dr. Castor has been my dentist ever since. Great people workmen there, easy to get to location. I ENJOY going to the dentist now, really!"

    Lara N.
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    "Dr. Castor's team is always extremely friendly, professional and make going to the dentist "almost" enjoyable! Would definitely recommend his services!"

    Laura S.
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    "Everyone there is both professional and personable. They honestly do seem to care about each patient. Fabulous!"

    Katherine S.
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    "Dr. Castor and Tawana both worked very hard to make me feel comfortable and took great care with fitting my crown. I could tell this team is a family!"

    Vaundee A.
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    "Always great service. Never have to wait more than several minutes to be called. Always quick, thorough, and professional...Great friendly, and professional staff"

    Carol P.
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